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Ran into an interesting challenge this week.  Created an SSL Junction to a server.  Had the usual warning about untrusted SSL appear – so I added the public key into the pdsrv keystore and that message disappeared.  But the junction was still marked as down.  And no-matter what I did – the junction would stay marked down.

There really wasn’t much in the logs.  The message log for the instance showed this:

2016-08-04-17:22:40.010+10:00I----- 0x38AD54BA webseald WARNING wiv ssl SSLConnection.cpp 2206 0x7f81cb57c700 -- DPWIV1210W   Function call, gsk_secure_soc_init, failed error: 00000196 GSK_ERROR_IO.

There’s not much in that.  I found an old technote that referenced multi-NIC Unix servers.  But I was running a appliance.  I eventually tried a pdweb.snoop.jct trace:

2016-08-04-16:01:37.000+10:00I----- thread(3) trace.pdweb.snoop.jct:8 /home/webseal/20160415-0046/src/pdweb/webseald/junctions/remote/framework/JunctionConnectionPool.cpp:166: /junctionName CPool> Failed to find an existing connection in the pool!
2016-08-04-16:01:37.001+10:00I----- thread(3) trace.pdweb.snoop.jct:1 /home/webseal/20160415-0046/src/pdwebrte/webcore/amw_snoop.cpp:108:
Thread 140700332689152; fd 18; local; remote xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:443
Socket opened.
2016-08-04-16:01:37.015+10:00I----- thread(3) trace.pdweb.snoop.jct:1 /home/webseal/20160415-0046/src/pdwebrte/webcore/amw_snoop.cpp:108:
Thread 140700332689152; fd 18; local; remote <error getting peer name for 18: Transport endpoint is not connected>
Closing socket.

Still not much help.  I tried changing the PING method (from HEAD to GET).  Still nothing.

In desperation — I was looking through the junctioned servers config to try and disable TLS altogether.  When I noticed the Client-Certificate authentication was enabled.  My browser (and curl with -k flag) would happily renegotiate the connection and ignore the Client Cert option.  But the ISAM Reverse Proxy healthcheck process couldn’t.  Disabling that – meant my junction went straight to “online”.


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  1. […] couple of year ago – I wrote a post about handling SSL Junctions being marked as unavailable.  The fix I did then was to disable Client Cert Auth on the back-end.  Since then – […]

  2. Hello Rob,
    Thank you I think you have given me a pointer to what was stopping an SSL junction to a remote backend.
    The remote backend used an external CA for their Keys rather than the internally signed one that I supplied. Thus they will have probably not imported the Internal CA. Thus if they have turned on option client SSL checking they will not trust the internally signed WebSEAL cert being sent to them.
    Pity the WebSEAL does not expose the message from the backend saying that it does not trust the supplied Client SSL Cert

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