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A couple of year ago – I wrote a post about handling SSL Junctions being marked as unavailable.  The fix I did then was to disable Client Cert Auth on the back-end.  Since then – I’ve come across a couple more issues and have some better solutions and more understanding of the issue.

For the issue I had last time – the back-end was *optionally* asking for a Client Certificate.  The WebSEAL process is indiscriminate with how it supplies a certificate – so it will send it’s private key even if it’s not accepted by the back end.  There’s a simple fix for this.  WebSEAL has a configuration item to specify a junction key file- seperate from the one that hosts the private key for the instance.  And if you create a keystore that does not contain a private key – then one wont be sent to any junctioned servers.

To set this up – create a keystore called “blank”.  Load in all the signer certs required but leave the private cert blank.  Setup the following in the [junction] stanza – noting that it is for the entire instance – cannot be junction specific.

jct-cert-keyfile = blank.kdb
jct-cert-keyfile-stash = blank.sth

You can also set this up in the GUI.  It’s the “Junction Keystore” setting on the SSL Tab.




I recently ran into a more complex issue.  Even with that blank keystore in place – I still couldn’t get the junction to connect.  I constantly got the error:

webseald WARNING wiv ssl SSLConnection.cpp 2049 0x7fc532411700 DPWIV1210W   Function call, gsk_secure_soc_init, failed error: 0000019e GSK_ERROR_BAD_CERT.

Various searches led basically no-where.  I found a technote that talked about jct-nist-compliance but that didn’t seem to help.  In the end – I tried the disable-tls-v1 and disable-tls-v11 settings.  For some reason – ISAM and this particular back-end could not negotiate a TLS connection.  And therefore the Ping process failed.  And therefore the junction was always offline.  When I forced ISAM to only use TLS 1.2 for the junction:

disable-tls-v1 = yes
disable-tls-v11 = yes
disable-tls-v12 = no

then the junction became healthy at last.


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