Autocompleting Australia



So inspired by Very Small Array comes the Autocompletion Map of Australia.  (thanks FlowingData)

First up — the first result for VIC/NSW/WA/SA/QLD/TAS/ACT/NT. We’re not looking at the first result — we want to see the first autocomplete suggestion.  This was performed logged into my google account – from an Australian IP Address. Guess what? We seem to love our State Government Departments.

Autocompleting Australia

But Google are clever.  What happens if you log out and tell Google to go to the .com site.  Well — there might be some tourism interest (searching for “Australia” — but a lot of the searches aren’t about us:

Autocompleting Australia (From the World)

Search Term


ACT Public Holidays Test
Australian Capital Territory Legislation Map
Canberra times Australia
QLD Transport Australia
Queensland Transport Australia
Brisbane Lions Australia
NSW Health Australia
New South Wales School Holidays Australia
Sydney Morning Herald Dalton
WA Today DOL
Western Australia n Newspaper Facts
Perth Now Now
TAS Freight Electronics
Tasmania Tourism Australia
Hobart Airport College
VIC Roads Firth
Victoria Police Secret
Melbourne Weather Fl
NT News Wright
Northern Territory News Clothing
Darwin Weather Awards
SA Water Node
South Australia Area Code Lyrics
Adelaide Weather Australia

A few more points of Interest:

  • Only one sports team made the list (And it’s an AFL team in QLD.  Go Figure)
  • Sydney Dalton?  Really Google?  Some teenager who dissed Justin Bieber?
  • There’s a sea shanty called “South Australia”.  I learnt something today
  • West Australian’s really like their news:  WA Today, West Australian Newpaper, Perth Now
  • Victorias Secret and the Darwin Awards were the big names I expected.  I was a bit sad to see Melbourne Florida on the list though.  I’m so used to the Australian search – I forget that place exists.

Notice anything else fun in the list?  Got some more search terms to try?  Anyone want to try Bing?


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  1. Perth – Now. Of all the terrible new sources.

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