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  • Blog re-design 2011

    All of my regular readers (Hi Mum!) might have noticed that the blog looks all new.  I wanted to find a minimilistic theme that would encourage me to write more.  And so I built it myself. I have to give credit to Mark Pilgrim and his wonderful Dive into HTML 5 book.  I’ve used it…

  • Rafting Fun

    I had an amazing time in New Zealand.  Almost as amazing as this series of Rafting shots.  The Kaituna River was a lot of fun.

  • Excuses for a blogging hiatus: WOT Summary

    So much for frequent updates on here.  I’ve been pretty flat-out with work, which is a good excuse and on top of that I’ve been working on a fun little side project. For those who haven’t read it, the Wheel of Time series is an epic (in length as well as style) series of books…

  • Back in Melb for a bit – and fighting comment spam!

    So I’m in Melbourne this week running a TSM training course. Always enjoyable – although the fact that the course in using TSM 5.5 and they probably want to learn 6.1 might throw up some issues.. We might try scrapping the lab guide completely and just doing it DIY.. 4 students – so we should…

  • print(“Hello World”)

    So I guess I need to put something on here. The internet obviously needs another vanity site – so here we are.  enjoy.